Thorner Community Fund – Can you help?

Later this year we will be recruiting an additional team member to support the work of the Thorner Community Fund Committee. The new role and that of the whole committee is hugely important to the village. We haven’t yet drawn up a formal job description but the duties are likely to range from secretarial duties, minute taking, maintaining our electronic document library, progress chasing, external communications (Facebook and other media) as well as supporting the main business of the committee, ticket sales and grant awards. Much of our work takes place out of committee but attendance at regular evening meetings and some weekend work (ticket sales event) would also be anticipated.

At this stage we are simply asking any Thorner resident who may be interested to let us know in advance of us issuing a more formal recruitment notice later in the year. There’s no need to provide any sort of cv or skills overview at this stage.

If you are interested in joining our team please email or contact Wayne Young or speak to any of our team

Wayne Young
Mark Darley
Gillian Riley
Annette Carr
Nick Tucker