Leeds Festival will no longer be taking place this year.  This announcement sets out the position for Thorner residents who had successfully applied for tickets

  • We will be offering refunds for any or all of your tickets
  • Alternatively, if you wish, you can roll tickets forward for the 2021 Festival
  • You will not be able to change names on tickets
  • You do not have to decide straight away.  You will have plenty of time


You will have until 31st December 2020 to decide whether you want a refund or to carry tickets forward.  You do not have to decide straight away.  Refund applications should be made by email to thornercommunityfund@gmail.com or by post to Wayne Young at the address below. 

For security reasons, other than in exceptional circumstances, we will make all refund payments by cheque to the lead resident on the application form that will then be delivered/posted to the resident’s Thorner address.

You can apply for refunds for some, any or all of your tickets and choose to carry others forward

It is important that your refund application (e mail or letter) contains only the following.

  • The e mail subject line should read REFUND
  • Please provide the name of the lead resident (usually the first name on the yellow form). We will make the cheque payable to this resident
  • The full Thorner address and postcode of the lead resident
  • The names of the ticket users for the tickets you wish to cancel
  • The total amount of the refund you are requesting
  • A contact telephone number

Please note, we will not issue acknowledgements to refund requests and it may take up to 30 days to issue your cheque.

2020 Tickets carried forward to 2021

If you wish to carry forward any 2020 tickets to 2021 you don’t need to do anything.. If we don’t hear from you by 31st December 2020, we will automatically carry your tickets forward and you will not need to queue to confirm these tickets in 2021.  Please don’t write to us to confirm your carry forward request.

Tickets can only be carried forward with the names recorded at the time of the 2020 registration.  If the named user can no longer use the ticket you should apply for a refund.

2021 Ticket Sales

Our current intention is to make any spare (returned) tickets available for residents to apply for in the usual way in 2021 using all existing rules and eligibility criteria.  This event is currently scheduled for Sunday 7th March 2021.  How we organise this will though, be dependent on the number of tickets that we have available.  We will issue a further update once the ticket position is clearer.  This is likely to be around January 2021.

Contact and Enquiries

Please avoid posting queries on social media platforms.  We will put out further information over the coming months and to announce arrangements for next year

Thorner Community Fund


Wayne Young

1 Skippon Terrace Carr Lane Thorner