Thorner Community Fund (TCF) Grant 2020

  • Other than for emergency bids, TCF Grant Funding was postponed in 2019, until a review of future funding was carried out. The money was carried forward intending a larger pot to be accumulated for future distribution. In the meantime the committee has taken the opportunity to consider re-focusing the allocation of grant funding to ensure the funds are being used to optimum effect, ideally with broad and long-lasting benefits.
  • Sustainability, village-wide benefits and the Climate Emergency have been uppermost in our thinking. In addition, the current Covid-19 pandemic has re-iterated the importance of biodiversity, the environment and our precious local and world natural resources. To this end TCF would like future Grant Funding to contribute towards activities/projects in the village that have long-lasting environmental benefits.
  • Given that the 2020 Leeds Festival has been cancelled it means there will be no additional money going into the TCF pot until after the 2021 Festival. So for 2020, as last year, we will not be inviting you to submit an annual bid. However, we will accept enquiries from long-standing or recently established village groups who consider they have an emergency financial situation. Additionally, we will accept enquiries from groups who have projects which meet our new strategy, i.e. those which will help Thorner contribute towards tackling the world climate emergency, as outlined above.
  • All such enquiries should, in the first instance, be sent to the TCF email address.

TCF Committee.

June 2020.