Leeds Festival 2021 – March Update for Thorner Residents

There is, at last, a more positive mood around summer 2021 events. The results of the proposed April trials into Major Events and the review of social distancing policy described in the recent Government Roadmap will be keenly anticipated but our thoughts around summer music festivals are becoming increasingly optimistic

The recent press coverage on the Leeds Festival in particular has prompted an upsurge in interest and enquiries about Residents’ tickets

This update sets out the current situation and hopefully sets a realistic context

  • When the 2020 Festival was cancelled most Thorner residents, indeed the overwhelming majority, elected to retain their tickets and carry them forward to 2021
  • At that stage we also rolled forward the 2020 waiting list
  • To date we have had only a very small number of returned/cancelled tickets and it is our intention to offer any available returns to those residents on that waiting list
  • We will not have sufficient tickets to justify a major ticket sales event this year.  There will not be a registration event at the Victory Hall on 7 March
  • We have deferred all outstanding ticketing administrative activity until May/June so we can have more certainty and so we can hopefully meet people face to face
  • We have kept the ticket waiting list open but there have been almost no recent returns
  • Whilst we have not closed the waiting list, we do not want to raise expectations about new applications or the likelihood of approval
  • For anyone wishing to cancel tickets please see the instructions in the TCF December 2020 bulletin on the Thorner village website

We will continue to issue updates over the coming months

For further information please contact thornercommunityfund@gmail.com

Wayne Young

Thorner Community Fund