Leeds Festival – Important Update 29 June 2021 – Thorner Residents e-tickets

Response required no later than 14 July

Festival Republic are optimistic that the 2021 Leeds Festival event will go ahead. Whilst this situation remains subject to Government confirmation, the positive planning and preparation for Leeds Festival continues.

Ticket arrangements will be different this year.  All tickets will be e-tickets. There will be no physical paper tickets and no August ticket collection event for Thorner residents

It is key that we have email addresses for all ticket users. If we do not have the correct email addresses, tickets may not reach the right people.

Some of you supplied a single email address in March 2020.  That may have changed or may have been a resident’s address not a ticket user’s address. So, we are running a one-off exercise to gather all required email addresses.

If you have already registered and paid for tickets, please respond to eticketsthorner@gmail.com no later than 14 July. Your response should list:

  • The lead resident’s name (the first name on your yellow form)
  • The ticket user names for all the tickets you are expecting.
  • For each ticket please list the appropriate email address.

It is fine to use the same email address if ticket users live in the same household but if you have paid for tickets for friends or family who live elsewhere we will need their email addresses. 

Please note, tickets are non transferable. Ticket user names on e-tickets will be as recorded at the time of registration and cannot be changed

Please bring this information to the attention of friends and neighbours if they have ordered tickets and you think they may not see this notice. 

Please only use eticketsthorner@gmail.com to submit email addresses. Please do not use this address for enquiries. 

Wayne Young

Thorner Community Fund