Thorner Community Fund Grant June 2021

Dear Representatives of Thorner village groups, clubs and societies, businesses, landowners, farmers and individual residents.

Thorner Community Fund (TCF) Grant 2021.

  • Each year Melvin Benn and Festival Republic generously allocate a number of Leeds Festival resident guest tickets to the village. The donations made against these tickets are held in the Thorner Community Fund. Since the Festival first came to Bramham Park, around 35 Thorner groups and facilities have benefitted from over £510,000 investment into the Thorner Village and community.
  • You will recall that from last year onwards the allocation of grant funding was re-focused to ensure the funds will be used to optimum effect, with broad and long-lasting benefits for Thorner and beyond, with particular emphasis on the environment and climate change. Given the limits placed on all of us by the pandemic no projects were pursued last year.
  • Sustainability, village-wide benefits and the Climate Emergency are now at the centre of the grant strategy, recognising the importance of biodiversity, the environment and our precious local and world-wide natural resources.
  • We will be actively encouraging and where appropriate providing financial support to a Thorner programme of activities and projects delivered or organised by anyone in the village willing to take up the challenge. Appendix A is included at the bottom of this page below giving some ideas on topics for you to consider. But also come forward with other ideas that you may have. Or simply let us know of a patch of land looking neglected that could be transformed into a valued area by one of our projects.
  • Whether you are an individual, a household, a village group, or a business wanting to make a contribution to Thorner’s efforts towards the challenge of climate change, we’d love to hear from you. Maybe some of our residents are professionals or experts in the field and would like to get involved – you will be welcomed. But everyone of us can make a contribution – you definitely do not need to be an expert.
  • It would be useful to know early on what you may be interested in pursuing. This would allow a joined-up approach for the various projects in the village. This could include the TCF identifying a working party for each theme and we would be happy to work with you to discuss options. TCF will act as co-coordinator as well as funder.
  • We know the Parish Council is likely to be supportive of use of the village spaces for environmental projects. They have demonstrated this recently by working on a wild flower planting project with Thorner Tree Group.
  • We will consider financial awards to any groups or teams which make a significant contribution to the delivery of a successful programme to address the climate change agenda.
  • Once a project is determined the attached application form, Thorner Community Fund – Grant Application 2021 – environmental project, should be completed. If your group isn’t a formal one meaning you won’t have a bank account, the TCF will make the purchase directly for you, based on what you tell us you need.
  • In addition to the various environmental related projects that we hope to fund, we acknowledge that a village group/club or society may sometimes have an unplanned situation that demands urgent action. If the group itself is unable to meet the financial requirements of the unexpected situation they find themselves in they can, at any time, approach the TCF to ask for their exceptional case to be considered for grant-funding support. All such enquiries should, in the first instance, be sent to the TCF email address. We will then be in touch to find out more about the problem.
  • Applications for this cycle of grant funding should be sent to the email address below between now and the end of May 2022. If the grant pot runs out before that deadline we will let you know! Providing the 2022 Leeds Festival goes ahead, there will then be additional grant money available next year from the end of August onwards and we’ll write to you again next June outlining the grant process for 2022.
  • We will be making grant decisions and letting you know the outcome as soon as we can, not just once a year as before. We will also send out occasional messages to the village community to keep you posted on the progress of the projects.
  • If a grant is awarded we will need to see evidence of the completion of your project and of payment for the item(s) required, as described in your grant application.

Please let us know which type of project you might like to be involved with or if you have any queries or questions please write to Include your telephone number if you would like to be contacted by phone.

Or you can ring Gillian Riley (0113 289 2172) or Wayne Young (0113 289 3012).

Alternatively, have a chat with any of the other committee members:

Mark Darley, Annette Carr, Nick Tucker, Katie Coppock.

Yours sincerely

Gillian Riley   (0113 289 2172)

Thorner Community Fund

June 2021.


Thorner Community Fund Grant 2021

Climate change/environmental projects – ideas for Thorner.

Central and Local Governments have their own policies and schemes to help ensure climate change targets are met. They also have grants available to landowners, farmers, businesses and householders to support progress.  But on top of this, individuals, households and groups at local community level can all play an additional part.  Let’s ensure Thorner is doing its bit for the environment: the Climate Emergency needs urgent action. We know there are already many examples of good work being done in our community but there is always more that can be done. Thorner Community Fund would like to make grant awards to enable our village to achieve this. Here are some ideas and examples that may inspire you.

  • Could we plant a tree for every resident in the village within the next year?  
  • Could we turn Thorner into a virtual orchard by planting fruit trees and fruit bushes across the village in shared spaces, accessible unused areas as well as in gardens?
  • Could we reduce waste and improve the recycling opportunities in the village by installing more and more wide-ranging recycling points?
  • Could we reduce food miles by buying locally and having more allotments available?
  • Could we provide composting bins and water butts for all households willing to utilise them?
  • Could we run a village-wide repair shop, along with a tool and equipment sharing scheme?
  • Could we create a wetland area that would not only be a haven for birds and other wildlife but also help to protect our village from flooding?
  • Could we plant more hedgerows, trees and flowers to create enhanced wildlife habitats, for hedgehogs, bees, frogs, birds, insects, in many sites around the village?
  • Could we install off-road community charging points to encourage residents, customers, suppliers and taxis to use electric vehicles knowing they can be in Thorner without fear of running out of charge?
  • Could we have other initiatives to reduce carbon emissions – more permissive footpaths, provision of e-bikes, promote public transport, more off-road parking  and so on, and on?
  • Could we bulk- buy a village stock of LED bulbs to enable Thorner to have a high proportion of low energy lighting within a year?
  • Could we have village schemes to help the UK reduce the figure of 4.5 million tonnes of edible food thrown away each year?

And the answer to all these questions is …………….


We are looking to for Thorner people/groups to tackle these challenges. Let’s get started as soon as possible, with some uncomplicated projects that are tried and tested that can make a difference – we can move onto hydrogen power and carbon capture projects in a few years time!!

We do not need to re-invent the wheel. If you decide you want to look at one website only then please do have a look at the website below for inspiration as to what Thorner might do.

The Boston Green Group (includes Boston Spa, other local villages and Wetherby) is very active and its website provides lots of information on the detail and variety of work they are doing. It has links to many other sources of advice, help and information. As well as for their own residents, groups and businesses they want their website and activities to be of educational value and to provide inspiration to other village communities. Take a look at the site

Some other websites that you may find of interest and helpful for ideas:

Leeds City Council – their climate change policies Climate change (

Shadwell in Bloom for planting flowers and herb beds

Difficult to re-cycle items

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for biodiversity

The Woodland Trust, for tree planting

TCF Committee.  June 2021.

Wayne Young, Gillian Riley, Mark Darley, Annette Carr, Nick Tucker, Katie Coppock.