Thorner Residents Leeds Festival Ticket Registration Sunday 15 May 2022

There will be changes this year:

  • To reduce Covid 19 risk, queuing will be outside and entry into the hall will be limited
  • We will not open the hall until 10.00.  The doors will close at 1300
  • Applications will not be reviewed in the queue – please be sure you have everything you need and you have read and fully understood the application instructions
  • You should bring date of birth evidence for any children aged 5-12. Only children listed on your application will be allowed entry to the festival
  • Festival Republic have revised ticket prices for 2022
  • All tickets will be issued by email to ticket users.  We will ask you to submit email addresses immediately after registration. 

Thorner Resident Eligibility

  • Ticket supply is limited and eligibility will be based on current Thorner residency
  • Only Thorner residents should queue for tickets
  • Reduced price resident tickets – £65 donation
    • 1 per resident
    • Maximum 4 per household
  • Full price resident tickets  – £ 240 donation
    • Maximum 2 per household
  • Children under 13 (aged 12 or younger) at the time of the festival will not need a ticket but the names and dates of birth of all children aged 5 – 12 must be recorded on your application form
  • Names of all ticket users (as well as children aged 5 – 12) must be given at registration and cannot be changed

Registration:  10.00 – 1300  15 May 2022  Thorner Victory Hall

  • Only Thorner residents will be allowed to queue for tickets
  • We will not open the doors until 10.00 and will open registration desks at the same time.
  • We will close the doors at 1300
  • All applicants will need to prove current Thorner residency and also provide ID
  • Please bring a Driving Licence if you have one. You won’t need to show anything else and it will speed everything up
  • If you don’t have a Driving Licence you will need proof of both current residence – something less than six months old, showing where you live (e.g. a recent utility bill or bank statement) and also some ID – something to prove who you are (e.g a passport) 
  • This year, you will still be able to bring your children to the festival free of charge, without needing a ticket however, you will be required to provide full names and proof of age for children aged between 5 and 12 when registering for your own tickets.  Children who have not been registered will not be allowed into the festival.
  • Household applications can be made by a single member of a household if the tickets are for each household member’s personal use. Adequate proof of residency will be required for all ticket applicants not just the person queuing
  • If residents are not planning to attend the festival, they can nominate tickets for use by someone else (a relative or close friend) but must attend and apply in person and queue up with other residents
  • A maximum of 2 tickets per household may be nominated.
  • Full payment for all tickets must be made at registration, preferably by cheque (payable to Thorner Community Fund). Credit cards will not be accepted  
  • Incomplete applications (e.g. no proof of residency, lack of ID, missing payment) will not be accepted

Please do not abuse the Thorner ticketing system:

  • Do not to ask friends and neighbours to apply for extra tickets for your party
  • Residents who wish to nominate tickets must take responsibility for ticket users
  • Residents should not seek to profit in any way from the distribution of tickets
  • Tickets are non transferable and not for re-sale
  • Where Festival Republic and the TCF team have identified abuse, residents have been barred from the festival.  We will continue to take a robust line on any abuse

Email applications

Any remaining tickets will be available by email application. If you cannot attend the registration event, email applications can be made to Wayne Young at .

Email applications can only be made by Thorner residents and should include:

  • The names of all residents who are requesting tickets
  • A contact telephone number and e mail address
  • The names of all ticket users
  • The type of tickets required (reduced price or full price)
  • Do not include payment

And afterwards

  • We will keep a reserve/waiting list
  • Let us know early if you can’t attend the festival. We will try to re-allocate your ticket if you let us know in reasonable time.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to reallocate tickets or offer a refund especially if you leave this too late
  • All tickets will be issued  by email to individual ticket users in the week before the festival. We will ask you to submit email addresses immediately after registration

Please direct any queries to the email address below

Wayne Young

Thorner Community Fund