Thorner Community Fund

The Committee Members are:

Annette Carr, Katie Coppock, Mark Darley, Gillian Riley, Nick Tucker and Wayne Young.

To contact the Thorner Community Fund Committee, please send an email to:

The Thorner Community Fund (TCF) was established in 2003 through consultation and joint working between Festival Republic and The Thorner community. The TCF committee is made up of a small group of volunteers from the village. Over the last 15 years around 21 volunteers have served on the committee.

Our purpose and focus falls into two main areas:
Each year Melvin Benn and Festival Republic generously allocate a number of Leeds Festival resident guest tickets to the village. The distribution of these tickets to Thorner residents is administered by the TCF team in partnership with Festival Republic and the donations made against these tickets are held in the Thorner Community Fund.

The ticketing eligibility and application rules have been improved over time, often based on residents’ feedback and are designed to be fair, transparent and to allow as many Thorner residents as possible to benefit from the opportunity to apply for tickets.

We rely on an extended team of volunteers to complete the ticket distribution process with the team temporarily swelling to over 20 on the day of ticket registration. Not only does this help us get an important job done in a short space of time but it also allows a cross section of the community to see our system from the inside, with fresh eyes and to assist us with year on year improvements.

In the latter part of the year our focus moves to distributing the funds gathered from ticket donations to invest in and to add value to the Thorner village. All village groups, societies, facilities and community event organisers are invited to submit requests against the Thorner Community Fund for improvement and investment in the village.

The grant awards are administered by the TCF committee each Autumn and overseen by an extended committee including village representatives, Melvin Benn and Rachel Lane Fox.

Since the Festival first came to Bramham Park, around 35 Thorner groups and facilities have benefitted from over £510,000 investment into the Thorner Village and community